A body affected by numerous diseases can not give its owner the happiness she deserves.It is a body that can deter the liberty of movement,work and psychological dispensation. One time,my first born child acquired a strange disease that enlarged her eyes,ears,mouth and drove the hair from her head. She was always in great pain. The rest of her body -especially the lower part was okay. The pain she was going through at such a tender age affected the peace of the whole family and brought total silence at our home and at the school she was taking her studies.

Whenever drug prescriptions was made by expert doctors in our locality and beyond the financial ability failed us, and instead installed total disagreement,quarrels,disunity,anger and worry with in our family. We were living with a dying child whose life and survival was our great concern. Strangely,Stanley Arnold had earlier said,” every problem contains within itself the seed of its own solution” I looked for the solution in this regard for my child to be restored to a health life but the question to have the required medical fees paid, for the drugs and medical services remained un answered.

Thus,the solution was hard to find.

Fostering good health is a requirement not only for the family head but also for the members of the family and other people to whom we relate. A frail body of anybody within the family cannot bring happiness, at all.

Like my daughter Restetuta Zawedde who died of cancer the whole family was in disarray and poor health. Good health is pivotal to every development attempt and plans of success. It creates positive thinking and unique ideas. Without good health no body can either be part of the solution but always part of the problem. Diseases like Malaria in the tropics that kill the young,old,women and men in large numbers have brought happiness to threw out of the window in most homes of families in Africa.

Ebola,whooping cough,diphtheria,polio,nodding disease etc,one time become epidemics and now HIV/AIDS worries the whole world. Good health is a phenomenon,fundamental and crucial in bringing happiness in the lives of many in the world.Harness good health the world will be happy. Foster poor health in the policies you world leaders adopt the world will always remain unhappy.Happiness is Good Health.


The smallest unit in the community is the family but it is the biggest in the spheres of security,offspring multiplication and reservation of the norms of the community. Any one who finds treasure in leadership must have a happy family. If families are deprived of the basic needs such as food,shelter,water, etc frustrations crops in.

Poverty endangers the happiness in peoples homes because money as a medium of exchange is a modern legal tender used to buy products needed in most homes and pay for services that cannot be avoided. It is pertinent therefore, for one to have a happy family if he is yearning to be happy. A family devoid of the potential capacity to guard its self against political,social and economical upheavals and senseless inability to maintain situations that can bring disharmony with in it cannot claim to be happy.

Poverty comes with the inability to buy food,build personal houses,pay tuition fees for those members of the family who are at school,pay for transport fare whenever a need for movement arise or buy a medium of transport. Because of such obligations families can be divided. Those who have, at one side and those who does not have, on the other side.The have nots may belittle other members of the family due to the anger they harbor against those who have and instal insurmountable barriers among them selves.

Violante in most homes comes as a result of continued inability to financially maintain such families.Obligation to pay government and religious dues may bring sorrow to most families, if they are not fulfilled.A happy family is seen when its members have successfully gone through the above mentioned hurdles with most of its young members at least with a college diploma or an academic degree,when their father and mother are still living under one roof and excelled in most of their economic endeavors, including having a house they call their own.

With very few or without offenses to fight, either at the police stations or in courts of laws.There is no reason why you should not be happy if you have a happy family-every member being friendly to each other.John Meguirk summarised it when he said, ” the ability to form friendship, to make people believe in you and trust you is one of the absolutely fundamental qualities of success”

Who else can believe and trust you except a happy family.

You want happiness foster a happy family.


Let us examine the words of Dr Norman Vincent Peal about success if we are to optimally understand this third reason.” think success,visualize success and you will set a motion -the power force of the realizable wish when the mental picture or attitude is strongly enough held it actually seems to control conditions and circumstances” A successful life need to out-rightly be thought of all the time, if we are to be happy.

Dr Norman Vincent Peale was right to call us to always visualize success because a successful life that brings us happiness must be part and parcel of us all the time.One sports man whose talents everybody’s confidence depended disappointed them when he led a pauper and an embarrassing life after several triumphs in the previous games attempts. When he was asked why situations changed against him he replied “the pleasantest thing in the world are pleasant thoughts”

The late foot ball dribbler, like many in this category,Magid Musisi clearly lost happiness because of un pleasant thoughts he harbored through out his life.Like wise in every endeavor we do we must have pleasant thoughts. Remember we are what we believe we are.Eddie Ricken Backer told us thus ” if you have all the flesh water to drink and all the food you want to eat you ought never complain about anything”

Is it true that the constant flow of water and food with in our homes bring us everlasting happiness? Food and water are basic needs that men and women cannot do without. Its abundant possession is a realization of a successful life. Successful life although it is hard it is possible to attain on the other hand. Its attainment ushers in immense happiness. Human beings measure successful life in different ways. For instance, in Africa if one acquires a vehicle and builds a personal house is considered to be successful. If his vehicle do not cause him traffic problems and his house does not catch fire or fall on its occupants he is presumed to be happy.

The same is true with a woman who is married and have delivered children.

Do you want total happiness then lead a successful life.


There is a saying that the easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any.

Isn’t that funny?

Yet money is the only mode of exchange that can be universally used to acquire products and services. Product for product exchange is not viable in this contemporary world neither exchange of service for service can be quantifiable or equally acceptable.The gist within this saying is that the children who need happiness will struggle on their own to acquire the most needed medium of exchange.

This can be done through work that can be remunerated by a wage or salary or the sale of something tangible. It is a known fact that money per-Se does not bring total happiness except the commodities it purchases.But a stable income is an assurance that the products and the services needed will be easily attained at the time it is needed.

Stable income is the fourth reason in the alignment of my facts that lead to attainment of happiness.Shaw George said,” lack of money is the root of all evil” Billie Jean King,on the other hand said ” money is what people respect………and when you are a professional athlete they want to know how much you earn”

To explain this in detail.Let us examine Shaw George’s analogy. Organized robbery in banks, alongside the roads and streets is one of the several evils Shaw is talking about. What about the social evil of corruption and misappropriation of public funds which is rampant in every government in the world. Promiscuity in the towns and major cities of sovereign states in the world taking root in the name of acquiring money. The human trafficking and the sale of opium and forceful removal of people’s internal organs, all evils done to appease the thirsty for money.

Respect is a virtue that is required by the old and the young but its limitations is that it is accorded to those who earn enough money.When Billie Jean King correlate respect to money has something substantial to tell us.Kiprotick Stephen a Ugandan world gold medal holder was not respected here at home and the world over until he become a  millionaire.Hussein Obama was a simple senate before he gained world fame when he become the president of United States of America.

The former and the latter bother have a stable income.In that way they are apparently happy.

It is therefore wise to have an income generating activity or being employed by enterprises that make products or supply necessities or provide services to the communities.You want to be happy then have a stable income.


Feodor Dostoevsky opened our eyes to see the importance of exploration and our ears to listen to the calls of adventure when he said,” love all God’s creation both the whole and every grain of sand.Love every leaf,every ray of light.Love the animals,love the plants,love each separate thing.If thou love each thing thou will perceive the mystery of God in all and when once thou perceive this thou will hence force grow everyday to a fuller understanding of it,until thou come at last to love the whole world with a love that will then be all embracing and universal”

In this respect love of God’s nature cannot be forthcoming unless one knows exactly what she real likes.It is not wise to know that particular part of the country where you are born.Your knowledge will be limited only to things that you have seen for a long time.Additional knowledge is acquired through exploration and adventure.You live in America,Japan,India, Nigeria or here in Masaka ( Masaka is a district in far west of Uganda) fine! but you miss the source of the river Nile and the endowment surrounding it.

You will be very happy if you travel far east of China or explore the good lands in the Arab nations.We may not know that the world have the same people but with different beliefs and culture.Don’t you think had the Egyptian been less a creature of habit he might have discarded his syllabic signs 3500 years before Christ and have written with an alphabetic of Twenty Four letters.

All those timely and important questions can easily be answered if one allowed himself to learn about distant areas in the world.John Grant and his companions Left Britain to explore Africa and found the source of the river Nile.The discovery of the source of the river Nile brought in a lot of happiness, both to the Britons and Africans.

Many people all over the world find happiness in taking tours out side their homes and countries.Tourism is a major income earner for many countries in the world.

Do you want to learn about human history-not theoretically but physically,gather information about beautiful scenery as well?Then go in for exploration and adventure.By so doing you will gather ample happiness.


Much of our life is generally controlled by beliefs.It is religion I am talking about.David Weers commented thus,”any type of faith,be it mysticism or witchcraft is life strengthening” So our lives is empty and without happiness unless we have faith that strengthen us.Religious beliefs entails harmonious co-existence with our fellow men and God .We are required to love God and Man.

Anything that harm another human being is evil that normally destroys good relationship.Think about all the vices that alienates us from God.Happiness largely depend on what we believe whilst we faithfully fulfill it.

Thomas Russel Ybarra wondered whether repentance can be a permanent act when he said,” a Christian is a man who feels repentance on a Sunday for what he did on Saturday and he is going to do on Monday” Isn’t that hypocrisy of the highest order?

However,Mallolm Muggeridge said,” religion wisely assumes misfortunes and so survives when earthly utopian hopes which must inevitably be disappointed soon perish” fine! in any project the important factor is your beliefs.Without belief there can be no successful outcome that is fundamental.

We can find solace and happiness in what we believe in.Believe in the sanctuary of God-you are happy.Believe in total providence of the omnipotent-you are happy too.Jesus Christ summed up Religious Beliefs while talking to his disciples about the new command ” and now I give you a new commandment:love one another. As I have loved you,so you must love one another .If you have love for one another then every one will know that you are my disciples”

Jesus Christ-the great teacher,knew that the happiness of his disciples actually hinged only on Love.So are you?

Do you have any other reason that you may add on the above reasons that can make you and I happy?

Remember everything happens for the best.