A woman of 30 years has produced triplets at a private health center  Buziika A village,Njeru town council,Uganda,Friday 15th November,2013 in the afternoon.

Hawa Mukeera a mother of three bouncing girls felt pangs of delivery at around 2pm while in her home.She was rushed to the health center by her husband Kasule Mawazi (47) an employee of a Textile industry-Southern Range Nyanza Industry-commonly known as Nytil.

“I did not expect to deliver three children at ago.This come as a reward from God”Hawa Mukeera said.

Namuswe Oliver and Muwonge Peter the medical personImagenels who show a triplet mother go through a successful delivery said that both parents are poor to the extent that they cannot nurse and provide for the new delivered babies.They called on good heartened people and organizations to find the mother of three at Canaan Health Center where she is under their surveillance and management, in case they would like to offer Image help.