Nature our mother.

Nothing is new in this world,apart from the technology that is permitted to exist with us. The new technology that govern our way of life,I am talking about, nonetheless go through a process that is governed by the rules and regulations of nature.Nature our mother,that breast and feeds us.We however,disorganize nature in our quests to survive.We destroy the forests,reclaim swamps, block the inlets and outlets of water tributaries as we advance in the our so called economic growth.The after effects is worth but we do not learn!Like when approximately 400 people were buried alive in Mbale district in Uganda-the country where I am a citizen, some time back by the mountains that run off the margins that used to hold them up. People had unwittingly continued to indiscriminately cut the trees surrounding the mountainous areas,living it bear.The lakes and rivers are not spared either.We throw and damp a lot of unwanted but chemical infested materials and taint the clean waters,yet we desperately want water.One time I paid a visit to my birth place where I had left for many years.I had gone to say hallo to my relations.The village was running without water for a month and every thing was in a terrible situation.That is when I realized that water is important.The destruction of our mother nature cuts across all spheres of life. At individual,institutions,firms  and government levels alike.The poverty that has overwhelmed the people of this continent tend to force them to find redress in the unintentional destruction of nature,the government economic policies made to bring in enough funds through taxes has influenced the people to burn the vegetation.Wood used as material for furniture,charcoal and firewood used in government prisons,schools and army barracks tell a big story about how mother nature is destroyed unsparingly.The industrial fumes and dangerous chemical gases are always released into nature.We demand that humanity begin to realize the essentials of nature and begin to give it the respect it deserves.The forests,swamps,sand, stones,animals etc are living things with which we partner no actual compete.We demand stern punishment to those who ignore the universal calling to spare nature and call for a better alternatives of survival at the same time.
What is your opinion,Ladies and Gentlemen.P1000267


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