display of  luck people buried in graves
display of luck people buried in graves
Death is a robber
Robbed of her life

It has lived with us for such along time and implications are rife that it is not going so soon, theories have been brought forward by several people in the world that claim that they have the cure and the ability to eradicate it. Although such theories have been tasted nothing practicable and dependable have been found to prove the authentic of such claims.

Sorcerers, on one hand and tellers of fortunes on the other hand, come to the scene to make an attempt towards driving this monster away from the sphere but the story remain the same.Believers in a single God made a try but left without a word! Their suezing argument,however is ” put your hope in God”, indications are emphatically alive that it will remain with us until the goats comes back home.It is firm rooted and no one has the potential to uproot it.No one whatsoever.

Death is a monster.A monster without beginning and an end.The beginning of death described in the  books severally printed has not convinced satisfactorily their readers because each give a different version.What I truthfully know now from the on set, is that death will survive and continue to  loom large as it torments  all those who come to the surface of this world, all the time.

Anyway,that is a proven fact.No doubt about it.Death has claimed many people, especially the  weak and the frail.Notable among them are the persons who lived with in your environ but died a miserable death.They have loved to obtain medication but had no access to medical centers, because of their inability to pay for treatment.The strong who died are innumerable all over the world.They had the finances to buy life but death did not allow them to see the light of another day.Think about Shakespeare- whose compositions are debatable, whether he was the one who wrote them! The great teacher, Jesus Christ, and prophet Muhammad. they all were vanquished by death.In Uganda death mysteriously robbed King Fredrick Luwangula Mutesa, of his life,the first president.He was a daring of everybody.It is said he died of poison. The Indian student girl who lost her life at the hands of the rapists recently!

There come cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga Wamala, a priest who saved many lives during the Museveni / Obote war in the 80s and other civil strife that happened before and after the end of Apollo Milton Obote regimes.In spite of the love, cardinal Emanuel Nsubuga Wamala had for his fellow Ugandans and the courage he displayed death did not spare him either.He died after all.

Death used Field marshal Idi Amin Dada, the Ugandan military dictator to claim the young,old,politicians and clergy without Marcy.Count the many innocent blood your president has shed.Death has so many forms moreover.When General Yoweri  Kaguta Museveni restored sanity and respect for life in Uganda death changed it’s form and perforated his administration by taking scores of people.The word has it that many of them died of poison.

I can mention some: Norbert  Mayombo,former army officer in UPDF,Paul Muwanga,former head of state and lately Cerinnah Nebanda woman member of parliament Butalejja district in Uganda. Her death, especially after toeing a different  line of argument about the issue of the recent discovered oil source from that of her political party – National Resistance Movement, NRM Government wanted the Minister in charge of Energy to have the constituted power and authority, the MP and her likes,wanted the power and responsibilities to be vested in an authority,cast a lot of doubt on how she died.But people believe until now that the Central Government had an invisible hand in her death.While Ugandans are bitter over her demise and the way she died,death is on the thresh hold marry making over it’s success.

What baffles me,however,is the practical praises that people bestow on the dead person.When one passes on,his/her relatives,friends and other people change the way they talk.I am talking about the tune they use change forth with!When she/he was alive nobody bothered to praise or show a sign of appreciation and love.Now she/he is dead,the people walk the acceptable talk.The deceased had gone through the trials and tribulations of this world, for a long time alone and no body threw a hand of help.

He/she was ignored in the general term of the matter.He/she was as if he/she did not live among them.He/she was overshadowed and none certainly cared about whether he/she was around or not.He could however,receive recognition just when he is in the class of those who have.Here  she/he is regarded as one of them but simply for the sake of winning favors from her/him.

The poor harvest a different attitude towards his/her existence. There are times when he/she falls sick and ” given a bed” a term used to express the fact that she/he is admitted in the hospital to allow the medical personnel take a through examination and administer medicine to the sick, while she/he is in their custody,not so many people except her/his close relatives goes to the ward to express heart felt concerns about him/her and sincerely provide the most needed legal tender to pay for medical bills,buy fruits or food.

Meanwhile, those who manages into the ward instead talk hopelessly in the presence of the sick about her/his condition.You hear them say,” he/she have very few days left,why do you have to continue loosing money on someone who is already dead?” ” what we suggest, they continue, is that you ask the medical personnel to discharge him/her and go back home while he/ she is still breathing as you wait for the time and day for him/her to die”

Such statements  made in the presence of the of the sick distresses her/him instantly.If not he/she nostalgically hate every one in his/her presence or refuse medication and finally she/he dies.

The living has away of pampering the dead before and during the time of burial.You have seen or heard many well to do relatives living in towns,cities or in distant areas, when they learn that their relatives has passed away and laying still in his/her sitting room,they grab the opportunity to organize expensive burial ceremonies.They purchase costly coffins from the cities and passively praise the deceased either in speeches,songs and announcements as they shade crocodile tears.

The people who had been closer to the deceased during his time of peril, sickness and tribulations will whisper to you that whatever is done is a sign of show off ” The deceased lacked every necessity that needed his/her money while on his/her death bed,not even a cup of juice to quench his thirsty was provided.Now he/she has died, his sons or daughters lavishly spend that money to create an impression that they cared.Where was he/she when the deceased desperately wanted the money to pay for treatment,buy food and all the general comfort he/she perfectly required?”

Another man adds,” those are the people who goes to the cities and neglect the people who sacrificed greatly for them during their childhood and paid for the best education they have.However,when their close relatives dies they come back in the villages to show off- that is when you see the houses of the deceased receive a face lift,they actually forget that no one survives than death.That death will catch them one day.

Such scenes of praising the dead are traditionally done mostly in Africa or in Low developing countries where the big population is poor and the young are presumed to be insurance of the aged.It is shameful  in the eyes of an African for the young not to take charge in the up keep,care,or provision of the required necessities to the old people.

Besides human beings are accused of accelerating death or helping death to take scores of people even before their time of death.The significant singled out events are the time of war and battles.The continual manufacturing of weapons that are used to eliminate life and the mob justices that is widely spreed in African countries,hunger,negligence and accidents add salt to the wound.Because of clandestine type of family in Africa,members of such traditional structures are expected to take charge whenever something terrible and beyond the control of their senior members do happen- Death being the least expected.

Although attempts have been made by the governments in Africa to put in place programs to help its citizens,namely,health schemes,the money to facilitate such programs get into the hands of the corrupt public officials.

Surprisingly,politicians have very little will to fight the vice. Better said than done,no one survives than death.Every living thing is meat to the mouth of death.Haven’t you heard of the cranks and crackpots in Western countries who use the guns in their hands and at one swoop kill scores of people they find in public places,especially the children?Haven’t you heard?