The silent and loud out cry by children over the way they are treated by the people supposedly responsible for providing them with protection,over the years, seem to go unheard!The mistreatment of children in their parent’s homes,at school and in public places – like markets and hospitals is a dairy routine.With the question why the harassment,torture,and other evils meted against them go unabated remain to be answered,the social evils in society,goes beyond the understanding of responsible and right thinking citizens and cuts across the human segment.

Now the children have come out vividly to defend their rights.They grab whatever opportunity available to tell the world that they have become the punching bags of the people who begot them and those responsible for their safety and lively growth.

You hear their plies in songs,drama and music.You read them in poetry and descriptive write ups in Newspapers,periodicals and books calling for attention. The culprits seem not to take heed.Their tells make them to cry in spite of being free,you too become a crying free man along with them.The tears you shade is simply tears of anguish and grief.An expression of emptiness and defeat-because you are not in chains other people may begin to wonder what has gone wrong.But the fact will remain that the social evils that engulf the young generation is the cause of grief.

Nabulya Restetuta,a thirteen years old pupil of St Maris Nsuube in Nkokonjeru Town Council,Buikwe district in Uganda for instance,made the people who had gathered to celebrate the World teacher’s day in October 2012, in Njeru town council’s office grounds to relentlessly cry.She said that children are beaten severally by the wives of their fathers and their hands deepened in hot water and neglected ” Didn’t you hear a fifty year old man defiling his own daughter?,a mother deepening her own nine year old son into hot water for supposedly stealing a one hundred shilling coin?,another mother who threw her five children in the river Nile?,a man who hacked to death his five children- this was in the outskirts of Kampala” she soberly asked the gathering.What have we done to deserve such treatment, Gentlemen and mothers of this world?

Nabulya Restetuta is not alone.Vincent Saabwe,a primary six pupil in Bukaya primary school, Njeru Town Council,says that children in schools are made canon fodder for the teachers to beat ” we are given corporal punishments,like digging the ant hills-and our sisters defiled by male teachers while they are at school,”didn’t you read about a teacher re arrested for defiling nineteen students in the Government News paper-The New Vision? What dont you know-schools which are burnt by the adults and children within the dormitories die a painful death? As we celebrate the 50th years since Uganda got independence from the British rulers,what remarkable achievements,in its true perspective, can we count as Ugandan infancy are concerned” Saabwe Vincent cried!”The achievements in its true sense has not been big enough because the teachers who groom the human resource all over the world have not been fully supported” Mrs Margret Rwabashaija,the Uganda National Teachers Union,chairperson,answered when she was requested to give her view.Nothing will ever replace a good teacher,if we want better results from our education system we all need to take a stand for teachers,this means that government parliament,foundation bodies,education managers at all levels,parents,community and all the teachers unions,we all need to do our level best to support the teachers in Uganda.

Teachers need support and respect from government.They need a government that appreciates their contributions to national building and not leap service” Judging from that Mrs Margaret Rwabashaija said you are forced to adduce signs of disillusionment and frustrations among members of the teaching profession.You cannot be blamed to believe that the harassment,torture and mistreatment for children while at school, come as a result of such situations,You end up crying-a crying free man moreover,crying endlessly for our young generation.You search for the drug that will cure permanently the difficulties with in the education system and the scars left by the stress and the stigma,when you eventually fail to find a cure,you cry,cry,cry continuously.A Crying free man!!! you are.

Besides teachers pupil relationship,the same question abound that who will save the children from social evils mated against them by their parents,relatives and the people they know? Grooming a generation that will become the future parents and drivers of our country at a later date in such a way that do not worry the few citizens who give respect to young generation the more.Children are not inhuman,they are people who need care and fair treatment,you sum up.But is your summation enough? Is it useful? What stability can it bring in the hearts of the tortured? Can it bring a win\win situation? Your answer is good as mine.