A weaker sex
Women meet
display of luck people buried in graves
Children in dire need of parental love
Although human beings are described as animals in the scientific terms, they are generally different from the four footed animals in their formation and structure.A person who never sat in a biological class where human beings are referred to as animals by science teachers will find something wrong with someone who calls them thus.
Indeed they are right in my opinion because people are not expected to behave like the four-footed animals in character,although they are rightly called so,because they are living things that feel and move about.People are expected in the real sense of the word to behave differently from animals like dogs,flies,fish and snakes,etc.Human beings must show from the word go qualities that distinguishes them from other scientific types of animals.They must be tender and kindhearted in character.In spite of that they are presumed to be inhuman.
One wonders why man is the greatest enemy of his fellow-man! God and man in the helm of leadership,having learnt that human beings behave rudely decided to set up rules and regulations to regulate their behavior.They both wanted to govern a peaceful society.But people have not lived to the wishes of God and Man.Since the creation of the word men have broken the rules of nature and continue to fiercely harass and torture his fellow-men.They are generally worse than the four-footed animals in their animal kingdom.

Animals do not whatsoever break the rules but human beings do.Animals are strict observant of rules governing them compared to human beings who break them at will and chagrin.They are fond of chaos and always work against clemency.Animals in peaceful co-existence are better than human beings.

For example,animals know their time of procreation,and respect the rules of intercourse and always procrastinate coitus,until they mate.On the other hand men make coitus a daily recipe.They go to the extent of forcing women and girls in their lust endeavors of having sex intercourse with them.Men rape women indiscriminately during war and in secluded places.They even knowingly involve in incest.Men break sexual rules.Animals do not.

Some thing very embarrassing to human behavior is when women get pregnant and decide to terminate the growth of foetus.They do not give children the chance to grow.Giving various reasons to support their actions.Animals jealously keep the rules of generation and multiplication.Killing young ones growing in their bodies to them is a felony.Abortion is the order of the day which does not a shame human beings at all.Gays and lesbians are spread everywhere and glorified by their kind.

Further more,in the wide expanse of land animals eat every green plantations in their sight.It is unbelievable if animals are called thieves when found in the gardens of cassava or potatoes having a first and second helping.They truly know in their conscience that every green vegetation is given to them by nature and the omnipotent-the creator of the universe.They do not break the rules of consumption and meaningful survival,only the human beings limit their use of the green cover by putting them in the enclosures as domestic animals!

Human beings in their quest for wealth break the rules of fairness and trust.It is the sole reason that most human beings entrusted with public resources wrongly use it and those under the responsibility of keeping public coffers misappropriate them.Human beings in public offices steal revenue collected from the tax payers.They overlap the boundaries of their responsibilities and authority given to them by the state.Those who do not have access to the coffers and hold public offices actually corrupt the system in which they work and intriguingly sale their services-Africans know what happens in the courts,health centers and at employment desks at the district headquarters.They are involved in corruption and sinister activities.Their acts is cognizance of misconduct of the highest order which can not be done by the four- footed animals,any way.

Worse to note is the destruction of human life.Men find pleasure in killing each other.The intentions behind all the wanton deaths you have seen and heard of emanate from the strong love of wealth and leadership-that rule for the protection of human life has failed human beings.Shocking stories about episodes abound in many spheres of life in the world.Politicians kill to stay in power and other people kill in order to hide information that may pin them in the long run out of their indisputable acts of survival for the fittest.Animals on the other hand revere animal life and they respect dignity.

Mobs have killed their fellows over the claims of theft of petty things like chicken or motorcycles without taking them to the police a the court.They defend themselves when they say that the police release the culprits prematurely.Now!questions raised.When will human beings surpass animal behavior in their activities since they were created in the image of God.

It is commonplace the present human race want a new and fresh beginning.A life with less troubles or skirmishes.A free society is most desirable in this contemporary world,so they emphasize.But what embarrasses you and me is that animals do not break rules of peaceful co-existence but human beings do!



  1. Very interesting and educative.Let those who have ears,hear.How do you feel the same human being engaged in child sacrifice.Please send me this story.

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