g in a private or Government institution being paid peanuts in form of wages and salaries.Others stop at the food they eat while at work but the monetary independence is for other people!You find young men and women in security organizations-guarding at the gates of industries and shops,others usually guard the boundaries of many nations and provide the internal surveillance and security as well,but they decry of less pay and partiality in the distribution of Assets that can be turned into money for their benefit.

That boy who dig in your backyard farm.How much do you pay him?What about that girl who baby sit your beloved child and champion the cleanliness of your home?

You are rich simply because you are unsparingly used the resources of your country under your control to your advantage.You are rich simply because your country paid for your education in the 50s and you do not care and you are not bothered after all you are in politics and at the financial decision making desk in the company your father started many years ago or you are a revenue collector where the money are. You are rich simply because big piece of land on which you have put a variety of agricultural projects and build houses that you let out at every end of the months.You are rich just because you deepen your hand in the nation coffers and no body knew about it.

The youths are simply poor simply because they are deprived of every opportunity to earn wealth and they cannot cross the bridge to find you where you are,You have made it impossible and a taboo in a single word.If you cannot help them to cross the bridge then remove the bridge.

Even a smallest unit of administration must have all embracing strategic plans that help even the teens to have a unit of exchange that makes them possible to acquire basic needs of life with out to much ado.The economic village and the national policies must be practical plans for every one.There is no need for Developed countries to feel envy for the less developing countries and make their waters of economic growth turbulent.There is no need at all.The people living in less developing countries will move with the economically laid strategic plans put in place by their governments and the youth most especially will not become a thorn in the legs of such governments.At the lower levels governments must always come ton examine the wages and salary rates in industries and service organizations and also ascertain whether the proprietors indeed pay their workers The strategic plans put in place must tackle all spheres of life and must be all embracing.

As you need the funds to start or improve your income generating activities where you are,so is the youths.The teens have all considerable and perfect ideas that can gradually be put to good use for continued acquisition of dairy incomes but they lack the legal tender for exchange to do it.In presence of un employment for the youths in your country and in the absence of assets for the youths to sell and get money in return,what do you expect them to do?

Why do not you influence the authority of your country to put in place a police that will enable the government to allocate Working capital to this class of people.Why?This will enable the youths to keep themselves busy and generally avoid redundancy.Crimes will become less as days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months in the short run.The Government will receive local taxes out of the interests the youths will make -which money they will use to even further finance other government expenditures.Fund acquisition for the youths is very crucial and it it is every ones responsibility-but funds without strings attached.

Help the Youths and have a crime free generation.


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