people gratify  useally big things
big things also fail
grounded vehicle
gardens are for the hoe but triming need a small item
every race at it
the rich
an African child
A razor-blade is one of the most small items used in domestic homes.It serves a very important purpose,and to say the least,most African homesteads may not do without it.Take a first and second thought and look at the razor-blade by the eyes of your heart you may definitely agree with me that a razor-blade in peoples homes is indispensable.
Have you realized how vital a razor-blade is? Have you.Yes! Do not hesitate beginning from now to count a razor-blade as part and parcel of your life.

At first I hand not seen how significant a razor-blade was until I injured my left toe.I wanted to remove the injured skin in order to give it the First aid it deserved, my wife and children looked for a razor-blade,amidst the deep pain I was going through and the flowing blood,every where in the house,there was no where to find one.We wanted to improvise so that we use a knife in place of a razor-blade but whenever my wife touched the injured area the pain become unbearable.
We thought a pair of scissors would wonderfully do and we decided to give it a try but whenever my wife lifted the dead skin the pain circulated all over my body.When I asked my wife to use a panga or an axe instead,my children laughed at me and called me crazy.

My family was in a dilemma yet they wanted to aid me and save my blood as well.When my son suggested that his mother go to the neighbors house and beg her to open her shop she had closed at 1 00pm,I felt the spate of relief going all over my body.I realized without doubt when a razor-blade was use to cut off the dead skin that indeed it was a friend in need.It was small that is why it did the job.

A razor-blade is used to cut off the mustache,to clean the the armpits and most areas people call private the razor-blade pays a visit.In African villages where hydro,thermal and solar power is not used people use the razor-blade to cut off the hair and nails.It can deeply cut the skin if carelessly handled.It is the reason why adults always warn the young ones to take care whenever they are with it.” being small does not necessarily mean frail” so they say to their children,and to you the statement equally carries the same meaning.

My wife told me when she left the banana plantation from where she had given birth to our daughter who is now in senior secondary that a razor-blade worked very well for the birth attendant who separated our child’s cord from the navel of her mother.Call a boy or a girl scout or a fire man they will always tell you a razor-blade is an item they can not do without.A confidant of mine who works with a civil engineering company- like me,has praises for a razor-blade.He told me that a beautiful girl in her prime years had forgotten that she had a razor-blade in her hand bag.He said that when she put her hand in the bag it cut her small finger ” being around I provided this girl stranger a helping hand” I stopped the blood and blasted finger using the handkerchief I had in my pockets”

This act rekindled very strong feelings in the mind of the girl, they are now jealously in love.No woman will deny the fact that her hand bag does not contain such small item and instead goes on to blame the young woman for being careless.No woman indeed could do that.A razor-blade is simply part and parcel of a woman and a companion.

Is there any other small equally important item in peoples homes you would like to talk about? What happens if such small items are no longer manufactured? Am looking at a situation where human beings would look like animals-either in the jangle or domestically kept.

Like wise many writers in the world underrate the usefulness of small words as they write and speakers especially politicians commit the same mistake.They actually do this apparently to show off whenever they use words readers and listeners describe as bombastic.Ordinary readers and listeners do not actually know the meanings of such big words and not so many have time to refer to the dictionaries,

In order for the writer or speaker to stimulate interest of their readers or listeners, usual or often used words should be used.

This is the work of bureaucrats,politicians,lawyers,doctors and other professionals who like to talk in a language that will leave the listeners or readers wondering what the speaker or writer actually said.Politicians especially may use many meaningless often repetitious words,at times just for the sake of impressing the audience.

Take for example,the Uganda retired prime minister professor Apollo Nsibambi was quoted having said that ” it is essential to nurture no-sycophantic followers and a vibrant society which will countervail and enrich the leaders” He was the same man while attending a funeral service of the late minister for information -Basoga Nsandhu on May 2 ,2003 at all saints cathedral in Kampala stimulated mourners when he said that the late was “pugnacious”,years back this same professor is said to have used the word ” lugubrious’ to the excitement of his audience,though few understood what he meant.Because of his complicated English the press christened him Mr Lugubrious.

Writers do not meander.They are brief and precise.They like to be understood by as many people as possible.That is why as a writer you should always make sure that your sentences are clear,short and simple-keep it short and simple ( KISS) by the use of small words.Do not underrate them as people do to small items in their homes like a RAZOR-BLADE.




  1. I enjoyed reading your article and I certainly agree with you. I hope I am not guilty of using long, over complicated sentences and words myself. I will look out for this!!

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