Busy at the showing machine
managing thirsty during and after work
   For those of you who are participating writers and readers of News who reap big out of the profession of Journalism and creative writing – Bravo, you are very fortunate- in the real sense of the word,because what you get in form of remunerations commiserate with your efforts,I presume.What am I talking about,anyway?Am talking about many Media houses in the country that do not pay the services the people in the category above render to them – and they are happy about it! Many people working in the profession,you may realize,for Gods sake,that they do not receive any money you may call salaries or wages from the Entrepreneurs of the media houses most of whom you people know.The entrepreneurs and their house managers simply continue to cheat the people they presumably employ out of their sweat and no body feels sorry about it! Very many people say that every one is for himself and God is for us all!  It is very bad and embarrassing for some one to subscribe for one’s service on agreement that he ought to receive money at the end of an agreed period or after the accomplishment of the job and he does not pay.Such occurrence abuses both one’s right and his integrity.It abuses too the rules of natural justice – but it is the order of the day in the field of journalism.Most Radio stations,News papers and communication houses you see or you might have heard of cheated or continue to cheat News practitioners out of their sweat.  You may realize again that most proprietors and house manages in Uganda and probably in other countries have used the incidences of  unemployment and the big numbers of the youth who run all over the streets for jobs to intentionally exploit them.It is the reasons you hear new voices every Now and then behind the microphones in the studios of many Radio stations who replace those ones who leave after being cheated.The Media houses entrepreneurs and their managers have a lot of people and endless opportunities to use men and women in their houses without pay.What sends me begrudging all the time is that media houses proprietors use the people of the same profession to beguile their fellow colleagues into working for peanuts or nothing at all.

They use their News editors to recruit people in the News department.This is normally done on phone calls without any formal agreement taken or signed.Many News anchors and reporters do the job without any written document to show a binding relationship between an employer and the employ.It is neither good for proof readers nor fine for those who do some chores in the department.

Journalism as a profession in many countries in the world has been and is still being propelled forward by the people who do not possess any formal training in the implementation of its tasks but know how to read and write.Those are the people who have gathered a lot of experience and they are indispensable and a vanguard of the profession. Any sensible and responsible media business proprietor and administrator would have done is to establish an enabling atmosphere to permit such people to undergo the academic classes needed in the profession by paying them the money they have worked for on addition to weekly or monthly training schedules on job.This has been successfully done by other quite important professions in the world.

To say the least, the most people you see in the service did not begin their work straight from the colleges or universities.They began as apprentices or spanner boys.They are now accredited professionally with academic awards.There are one thing cheaters of wages and salaries in the media industry deny a typical work you and I eventually realized – the acquisition of a unit of exchange that enables him or her to acquire the basic needs of life.The money is so important simply because it the only exchange system put in place by our ancestors in the marketing industry.One employee in the media house will never acquire the so much coveted basic needs unless her/ she produces a legal tender in the market for such items.The media house proprietors should realize this and always be kind whenever they employ people to work in the News department.

News reporters suffer the most when they are in the field in search for stories.The conditions in which they work pushes them to throw the media ethics aside and pressurize their source of News for kick backs or influential pay in order to enable them meet the cost of transport,pay for lunch and Air time as well.They all need to pay for rent and their children’s school fees in addition to, as other people in the industry do purchase clothes.The situation these people go through while on duty kills the real meaning of journalism and the profession as a whole.

The time for change is now.Proprietors of media houses should learn to apportion the little money they get among every body they put under their jurisdictions including members of the News department- with in and out side the premises of the stations Money should not always be for program presenters and management.

It actually saddens me to realize that News anchors are reasonably paid compared to the people who collect the pieces of news for the department!It is quite unfortunate for the profession.It is your role,as a friend of journalists working in Africa and other parts of the world where they are cheated to join hands and fight such a vice either by sweat talking the proprietors of the media houses or by coercion.What is your take on this?


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