It is days that go through the months and the years in our lives that make our progress in every activity we do worth celebrating.Every day that breaks off the month ushers us into the month that likewise break off the year with newly formed resolutions and responsibilities.The en d of year festivals that take most of our incomes and time as we celebrate are simply indications that one schedule of responsibilities has been ended and that new one opened.

It is a factual expression that one has added another year to his/age.The question of Christmas and new years festival is a very big question -one school of thought says that the festivals are one open gate for those in the purchase and sales business industry to enter the pockets of the the consumers.On ether school of thought however clearly shows that celebrating the birth of Jesus is a testimony that the work done by a Jew in human history to usher in peace and reconciliation was Gods way.

Either way, one wonders how one finds time to celebrate the birth of Jesus in the last month of the year and the new years day with out knowing exactly the the financial and social implications on his life and that of the community.Financial and social implications actually goes hand in hand with the fulfillment of responsibilities- celebrating alone as most people do,leave a lot to be desired.Take for example the heads of families in the world context have to propel the sustainability and motions of the affairs of their families further.

Members of families especially the young ones have to be treated when they fall sick,they have to feed,go to school for literacy and numeracy classes and enjoy peace and security within the homes of their parents,likewise the adults within the families have to be accommodated and pay the required and official taxes to the Local and Central governments that can be turned into revenues for the whole country,Christmas and new years celebrations notwithstanding When the country receives revenue and the money collected if put to good use the lives of the people change,so they say.

To say the least,all the mentioned and unmentioned roles and responsibilities require the use of a medium of exchange, and a lively mind which does not stop at the end of the year and Christmas celebrations alone.It is as if the celebration olf the birth of Jesus and the new years day is meant to remind the celebrants that the 365 days of the year were not easy and the beginning g of the new year may be a probable feast that need to be received with merry making!!

End and beginning of the year festivals has a beginning on the growth of individuals added to the government policies that are geared towards improving the lives of the citizens.People want to see members of the villages in the new year make profound d resolutions for individual growth instead of fantasying the bye-gone of the previous year.

Festivals does not begin with the celebration of the birth of Jesus and end with the new years day.No! there are some important festivals in the Jews context that are celebrated to date that are not given the pomp by the contemporary Christians as the birth of Jesus in spite of the fact that they are uprooted from the customs of the Jews and they are related to historical events. A point in question is the Sabbath- the seventh day of the Jewish week (from Sun-down,Friday to Sun down-Saturday)is viewed as sanctifying the week and the special observance olf this day is essential part of worship.YOM KIPPUR- day of atonement,a solemn festival characterized by fasting and self examination.SUKKOT-above-right,festival of Booths or Tabernacle or in gathering.Celebrating the harvest the end of the major part of the agricultural year.HUNUKKAH- festival of dedication,a popular festival held in December that commemorates the Maccabees restoration of Jewish independence from Grecian domination and the re dedication of the temple of Jerusalem.PURIM-festival of lots,celebrated in late February or early March in commemoration of the deliverance of the Jews in Persia during the 5th century B C E from human and his genocidal plot and PESACH- festival of passover,instituted to commemorate the deliverance of Israel from captivity in Egypt ( 15 B C E)

As mankind still search for God to date they yet have to find profound reasons for celebrating.At showy,Christmas celebrations,you see wastage of consumables and squandering of time and money,you hear of fatal accidents claiming lives and property.You hear of rape and the incidences of alcoholism.That is the time when animals and birds lose their lives indiscriminately in the name of slaughter- no respect for animal life.Christmas, and end of year commemoration seem to have lost the real meaning for those of you who believe in the Lord of Lords.For those of you who have similar views as mine should double the efforts to restore the original meaning of Jesus birth day celebrations and the festivals should be seen as an event that have a bearing on the spiritual and economical growth of individuals all the time- clearly celebrating the birth day of Jesus without God does not work.Happy new year.


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