There are times when I am tempted not to talk about the young ones because many people have nonchalantly talked about their plight while in their guardians, parent’s homes,some on streets,the way their rights are violated by both their fellow children and adults but not so many changes worth noting have been registered.I keep on fighting the temptation to talk.

The unholy conditions still exist most especially in African countries.Young as they are, they expect total protection and un divided attention and love from the people they call their own.What shocks you and I is that they are made cannon fodder whenever the adults feel like- that disturbs me a great deal and it indeed robs me out of words that I could use to tell the people in the world that the children are human beings who have the soul and mind and that they feel physically and psychologically tortured whenever they are subjected to dehumanizing conditions and that they should stop forthwith.

Adults in many circles of life continue to beat,harass,defile and kill children in their hands and responsibility in spite of the the many existing laws that are in place meant to safe guard and protect them against such vices promulgated by the National Parliaments of various countries!Many people claim that the enforcers of such laws are instead caught in the web of committing them.

A police officer for example, may be found defiling a girl put in his responsibility at the police station after the same crime committed against her by somebody else is reported!It is now a commonplace for local leaders to connive with the family members of the child defiled and exonerate the culprit after he has “coughed” enough money. Local leaders especially in Uganda argue that they do it simply because the police and the courts of law will exactly do the same thing and the victim ( the child) will remain still un helped and its family will go empty handed and with shame.

Many Non Government Organizations registered by Authorities in different countries to champion the course of children against all crimes committed against them when pinned to explain their sluggishness in getting results and decreasing crime against the young ones as well will say that their work is made difficult because of the distances they trek in order to collect enough evidence against the culprits.Most of the money they receive from the foreign donations, so they say, is largely spent on witting statements,keeping records and nursing the victims .They point the accusing figures on the families of the victims,the police and the courts of laws that they have largely contributed towards the growths of child abuses.

The acts so far mentioned in this text will leave the child extremely devastated and many are always thrown out of their places of abode by those who have tortured,harassed and defiled them especially when they are orphaned children.You find them in the scorching sun and the others in the wind searching for what you may call a slight accommodation any where.

New Victory child care Uganda primary school in Njeru town council,Buikwe district in Uganda like many other non government organizations for children working in your country have thrown a helping hand over the years by offering education and necessities to the orphaned children, in the hope that a day will come for the adults to realize that children are a foundation and a strong pillar for the sustainability and growth of nations who need to be handled with care and respect.

Talking to the Executive director of the the school Mr Basalirwa Earnest said that the Britons,Americans and the Canadians through their hard earned money have sacrificed to assist the children in their hands ” they have paid and continue to pay for their school,medical fees and daily welfare.They have built for us classrooms and organized parties for our children during the festivities known in the year and celebrated internationally.They are good friends indeed”

I saw Lavoie Cyndy a Canadian national from capturing courage international at New Victory child care Uganda premises in Njeru in the first week of December 2011,she had come all the way from Canada to meet those doing God’s work in Njeru and also plan with them for the dejected young ones.Cyndy was very happy and liked the members of New Victory child care Uganda.She liked me too.Cyndy Lavoie, we shall keep playing for you in all your endeavors here in Uganda and Canada as you continuously play for us. New Victory child care Uganda is a restoration camp indeed for the young ones and those I saw during the 2011 Christmas party with their donations of blankets and scholastic materials in hands actually expressed total happiness.They looked in the future with glee,a settled and confident mind ” those children if they are not rehabilitated and folded at early stage they would instead cultivate very bad behavior at adulthood which they could turn into an excuse while apportioning torture and blame to the young ones.We shall continue with a society of lumpish people and the cycle will go on and on” Basalirwa Earnest warned in conclusion.He confirmed that they are doing a job that is supposed to sharpen the minds of tomorrow adults so that they could choose between showing total love to children and torture.

Children are in a docket! sounds very strange but has a lot of meaning for today and tomorrow’s generations.”Our call is that children should be allowed to grow in peace and love and those orphaned should be handled with care and respect by both their guardians,non government organizations and policies put in place in regard to children’s welfare and safety should not remain on papers but implemented in its totality,other wise the society is going to the Dogs” Basalirwa Earnest.