Were we fortunate or unfortunate when our father died? I remember he died when we were at a tender age.You were thirteen and I was eight years of age.You were in primary seven and at the time the body of our father left Gombe hospital in Butambala district your had just started to write an English examination paper- the debate arose among the relatives of our father and those of our mother over a suggestion that they inform you.Did I say inform you? No! announce to the staff of your school and you in particular,that our father had departed.Eventually, they unanimously agreed that they keep silent and bury the remains of our dear father without your presence until you finish your examinations.

I failed to understand the intentions of these people at the time and the logic behind the delay,because I knew that it is memorable and very significant for a child to attend the burial ceremonies of all the people they so much desire and treasure.At my age I opposed the decision! However,our ant took me aside and urged that they were doing it for your own good.” he will be weakened and saddened,my son,if we reveal to him the death of his father.You know the attachment he had with his father.Imagine the trauma and the sorrow he will go through at the receipt of the news.He will actually fail the examinations.It is his future and our future too,Alex” she begged. It is unfortunate that you did not see the face of our late father during the time of his burial,but at the same time fortunate that you passed Primary seven and you are now strong and educated.

We are not alone who lost our dear ones when we were young.Many African adults and children are grieved by the death of their relatives and the people so close to them.You and I want to join hands and pay tribute to our dear ones-the Departed.

My brother Walusimbi and I lost the bread winner and at the same time the head of the family.The family was left yearning for family love and our mother was not woman enough to see us through the Universities in order for us to obtain carries that would have made our life easy.Those who lost their beloved ones in the African context, sing the same song as we do.For those of you who have never experienced the same effects may look at this write up as something to pass your life over as you peruse through the posts.

African Nations have not set very strong and dependable systems for their citizens to continue with their education at the costs of their Central governments and no any other systems that could bring in daily incomes for the families at the moment in place.It is now known that African leaders who come to the scene with very good policies to help the people they lead are conclusively slaughtered by their fellow politicians to the chagrin of their beneficiaries but to the fascinations of killers and their masters.

The names in point is Thomas Shankara,Sgt,Samuel Doe,emperor Halie Selassie,Ben Kiwanuka,Saddam Hussein,Nkwamme Nkrumah,Mummer Gaddafi,Sir Fredrick Luwangula Muteesa and Tom Mboya,the list is endless,but it is said that 1960,the Ivorian president Flex Houphouet-Boigny had a hand in the killings!The accidents,epidemics,malaria,HIV/AIDS,etc, has left many helpless and no one bothers at the death of someone he is not related to.Those who show concern do it with prospects of getting a portion of the wealth and the estate the deceased left.

I am at lose seeing the mass destruction of life using the mass weapons of destruction handled by our fellow men.The orphans and the relation left in the dilemma roughly face the hard life without the presence of their relatives sent out of the scene prematurely- but why do people kill each other? what about the diseases that might have been prevented by the people given the responsibility to handle the country’s resources but ideally misappropriate the funds and leave the diseases at bay to do havoc on the life of the citizens.

The departed in their incarnate,look at us as they wait for GOD’S judgement.People should not die just because of accidents,poisons,pollutions,diseases or murder! but only natural disasters and old age.African governments should seriously get directly involved in establishing Health schemes that benefit the poor and work against activities that drive the mighty to kill the weak.The common adage in Africa that the programs for the poor are poor should be revised in order to allow the poor to survive until old age.Africans are the most despised,disrespected and oppressed race on earth ,abroad by foreign governments and at home by their own governments.This has to end if our people are to stop yearning for foreign intervention. Any thing to add or subtract?


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