Moving through life,I realized that there are laws that govern this precious asset we call life.The laws that we cannot avoid whatsoever as we begin our journeys through up to death.These include the laws of evolution,the laws of growth,and many others laws that I will tackle one by one as time allows me- but at the moment let me use the law of Giving to request you to help me realize my Dream.

My dream is to be a photo journalist and successful photo b logger.My dream sounds as if it’s easy to attain but it is not if I continue to work without a digital and a video camera I call mine,other than groping in the dark while I look for photographs to accompany my posts and News stories for my readers today and in the future.

Generous Men and Women are many in the World to embrace the Law of Giving and You are one of them who can donate to me 600 USA dollars or Part of it.400 dollars will buy me a Modern video camera and 150 dollars will enable me to secure a digital camera,the rest will start me off in my quest for good photographs while at the same time a simple business for my self.

Are you there? please donate to me or send the cameras I am so much desirous of.I will thank you most sincerely and work with sincerity to achieve my dream. Your helping hand and sacrifice is the only final block to enable me finish my house of being an enthusiastic,tact,cheerful and persistent PHOTOJOURNALIST.

special thanks Ladies and Gentlemen.


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