Your servant is me or somebody else appointed by the people,local and central governments or corporate organizations or a volunteer who decided on his own to provide a service that benefit the people.I would like you to oppose the idea that you are not a servant in your own right simply because you are a tractor driver- that opens and clears the road verges people use whenever they are on their way to their different destinations,whereas I am a cook in a government hospital who make the food ready for the medical personnel and the sick.

We even speak of the services we provide to the people even if we benefit out of it ourselves! We put it in the words we speak.Take for example a married woman; when she goes to cook food she might say to her friends ” let me go and prepare food for my husband and children” if I may ask wont she eat? The head of the family may also say to his companions ” I have not yet bought meat for my family”
Do the meat he goes to purchase actually belong to the members of his family alone? whereas he is some time given the biggest piece of meat during the consumption time!

Any human being whatever his status, he is a servant of the the people- that is why when some one dies people say that that his soul rests in peace or that he has finished his worldly work.

The following categories of people I am about to mention are without debate servants of the people:the president of a sovereign state,the cabinet ministers,members of parliament,the army commander and his armed forces,the commissioner of police and prisons,the magistrates and all those in the legal services,corporate and organization managers and all government and non government organization’s leaders,men and women.

You may ask me whether leaders of different religious denominations are actually servants of the people? My answer is Yes! because the over all objectives of church and Muslim leaders is to sharpen the spiritual well being of the people,such that they embrace rightful behavior and live the most acceptable way of life.If you oppose the idea that business men are not servants of the people you are wrong! A business man who does not have buyers of his products or people he serves definitely he is doing nothing at all,and the only option he has to choose is to shift to another business.Here is a few examples to consider:a carpenter who makes wonderful furniture and he does not sell will abandon the carpentry job for another meaningful work.A farmer if he does not have consumers of his produce or buyers he cannot continue with this type of work.The mechanic who does not receive equipment in his garage to work on for a long time will be stressed.

The examples you have just read clearly indicates that we are all servants of the People,sometimes we forget the people we are meant to serve and actually do the opposite.A servant of the people actually has responsibilities towards the people he serves.If someone does not clearly know the responsibilities he has towards the people he serves he cannot be a good servant.Look here many reputable jobs are jobs of responsibility that occupy most of the time of those who hold them to the extent that many loose sleep while working. Among the many services people provide that I realized responsibly occupy it’s holder is the medical job when Uganda lost Dr. Lukwiya over Ebola.Dr.Lukwiya captured Ebola disease while he was saving life in one of the government hospitals in the Northern area of Uganda.He died young and left helpless children and a wife.There are even many medical personnel known and unknown who die while they are on duty.

Medical personnel are not only the servants who die or are killed while they are serving the people. Remember the many people who are killed or who sustain injuries while they are responding to the different alarms that call for help to save people who are actually in danger.

Think about the many who die in the wars while fighting to protect the boundaries of their countries against foreign invasion.What about those who die while trying to save those whose boats are capsized, the children who fall in swimming pools,rivers,and lakes,taxi drivers,those who work in the air and water who die every year may not be easy for us to know their exact numbers.What we definitely know is that they die while they are on duty serving people.The mansion and builders who fall off tall buildings and die,others survive but become lame through out their life,sometimes buildings fall on them.You have heard of many people who work in industries who lose some parts of their bodies due to accidents.Many are electrocuted while others become disabled.The Imams and the clergy also suffer differently while caring out God’s work,because they are also servants of the people.

Bloggers like we are,news writers and reporters also suffer under the hands of the people,the police and governments because of the nature of their work,whenever they use a pen and paper to advice those in political leadership against acts of torture,nepotism,unfair distribution of country’s resources,inflation,rape and poor management of their country; they are either silenced by imprisonment or death.The live example is of the late Wabulenkoko who advised Buganda Kingdom king Suuna 11,who had made it a habit to make his subjects who had gone at his palace in Kavule as a routine for the subjects to greet the King, to carry his faeces on their heads as a sign of respect accorded to him,to outlaw the habit because it was scandalous and inhuman.The advice of Wabulenkoko did not inspire King Suuna 11 that he commanded his soldiers to sat Wabulenkoko’s mouth using a red hot spear!

Such example,actually indicate that good servants lose a lot of their valuables including their wisdom and energy,time,money,personal belongings and some times life. Good servants actually need to be appreciated while they are still alive.Our ancestors had this to say about appreciation ” Temutendanga nswa kuwooma,ngatemunatenda nkuyege ezabumba ekiswa”literally translated ” never praise the sweetness of the ants,before you appreciate the termites that build the anthill” ( the Post to be continued)
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