Empty prisons- A sign of independence Golden jubilee.

As I write this article Uganda is celebrating it’s 49th independence day,the day it attained the authority to govern it’s self back from the hands of the British colonialists who had robbed it through the use of military power.The day was 9th October 1962.
Uganda before it lost it’s political,economic and social power was ruled through Kingdoms.Every region had it’s cultural leader- Buganda,Bunyolo,Ankole,Busoga etc and other areas where their was no Kingdoms,chiefdoms ruled.The British left no stone unturned to bring those Kingdoms and chiefdoms under one umbrella of governance.Hence,Uganda become a sovereign state.

Through out the 49th years since Uganda attained independence it has not been bed of roses for it’s people.As it celebrates it’s political,social and economic emancipation Uganda had gone through minor and major upheavals that affected profoundly it’s growth and political maturity.You actually need to know or remember that the British played a major role in leaving the citizens of Uganda more divided than before.This was done through the many religions Uganda had:the Apocalyptic churches etc.The British left the reins of leadership in the hands of the followers of the Anglican church and no other except the followers of the concept of Martin Luther,the King had the opportunity to enjoy political positions especially the Presidency in the country- that ushered in a lot of political hullabaloo.Hence,political conflicts that emanated from the use of the gun to dis stabilize in particular Buganda, the seat of the National government and subsequent internal wars and skirmishes ensued.With these 49 years since independence Uganda has seen eight presidents,some assuming the presidency through what you may call a popular vote,others through uprisings,civil wars and self appointments. The struggle to survive for it’s citizens has been and indeed it is still a struggle for the fittest.Eight five percent of the Uganda population live in abject poverty.This simply means that one must devise all possible means to sustainably exist or else live the space for the mighty.

What actually enticed the British to my perspective to bring forceful civilization to Africa and subjugate them,including Uganda it was it’s plentiful natural resource.Uganda is known and famous for it’s good environment and humidity.It is one reason why it was referred to as the Pearl of Africa by the British explorers. When the colonialists left Ugandans jubilated and thought that through their fellow citizens in leadership they will apportion the national resources fairly and also practice the principle of equality and equity.Those who have survived until now have seen unfair distribution of the national resources to their dismay.

Many people who expected to go through the process of education and eventually obtain academic qualification have lived through out these years without actually working within their profession and others being out rightly unemployed by those in leadership.The struggle to acquire property by their own and leading a good life left no alternatives to many weak-minded Ugandans and those who cannot practice restrain,expect to always break the law.A concise Ugandan will tell you that Uganda government prisons swell day and night with petty thieves and capital offenders and political prisoners as well.

In spite of the efforts previous and present regimes has put in to establish industries and economic policies,they assume is practically worthwhile,law breaking persist because of inequality in incomes and redundancy.Those in jails testify to the suffering they go through as extreme and wished for the day they will see the light again.

9th October 2012,Uganda will be celebrating it’s 50th year since it attained independence.At 50 it will be a full grown nation and the celebrations will actually mark it’s Golden jubilee.Ugandans who have gone through the government prisons,their relatives and those who expect to be found in jail by then wish that the national parliament come out with a law that will order the sitting government to empty all prisons – to let all those on remand and those convicted go back home to celebrate the 50 years of independence with the members of their families as a sign of independence Golden jubilee.What do you have to say about the jail bird’s request and opinion?


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