What faults do Ugandans find in the legal provision of her young generation? Who does not wish for opportunities and facilities to be extended to Uganda’s children in order for them to develop physically,mentally,morally,spiritually and socially? What parent is prepared to have ill and emancipated children because the Government and parents of this country ignored their responsibilities?

What we must always remember is that, in all our dealings in accordance with the provisions for the rights of children,we should be governed by the interests of the children.Their interests should be paramount when we decide to do things we think are in their favor.Adults should avoid to impose their own wishes and interests on the children.

To say the least,Ugandan children should be entitled from birth to a name.Both parents should be available to provide for the children’s socialization,care,security and protection.

I hate situations in which children of school going age are instead turned into laborers ( machines) in many of Uganda’s homes.The children rights are denied by the very people who are supposed to provide them.Circumstances should allow all Ugandan children to get an Education.Education should be free,at least from primary one to primary seven.Cost sharing of school fees denies a lot of Uganda’s children from going to school.

I am disheartened when I see and hear parents,guardians and adults mistreat our young generation.These adults go on with their cruel acts unabated!Their is no question about it.Children advocacy is important in Uganda.Children should not be left on their own with out guidance through their process of growth.Children on the other hand should not misunderstand their rights.

If we do not need our country to be a den of rascals,delinquents,lunatics and hooligans, then we have to advocate for the rights of the children.The interests of children should be the guarding principles of those responsible for their education and guidance.This responsibility lies in the first place,with their parents.


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