Traditional healers in Low developing countries is a force of Health practitioners to recon with.It has helped people especially rural dwellers where health services is difficult to get.Human beings are happy when they are health and strong.Unfortunately some time people fall sick and even die from diseases such as malaria,which is caused by mosquitoes breeding in stagnant dirty waters.Diseases like Typhoid,dysentery,bilharzia,polio,kwashiorkor are caused by keeping our surroundings dirty and the most affected class of people are the poor who cannot entirely afford to pay at lump sum medical fees provided by the Government established Health centers where they reside.The gap between the rich and the poor in the low developing countries is extremely big,that is, at many occasions bridged by Traditional healers when it comes to health services.
Traditional healers has an inexplicable powers that they use to solve problems of those who seek their help.And many people from all walks of life actually seek their help.To say the least they believe in their supernatural powers.

Politicians find redress in the Traditional healers,especially at the time of political campaigns.Those who want to acquire and protect their property use them simply because they need to feel secure from their fellow men and animals that may attack them, from hunger and lose of already acquire property.The security which cannot be provided by their leaders or Governments.One politician who is now a Parliamentary representative in the parliament of Uganda conferred to me when he said,” since the time of our great grandfathers,we have always felt the need to be spiritually satisfied in order to live in harmony with each other and the environment.We need both physical well being of our bodies,as well as spiritual well being in order to live happily in our environment” He added that the known Health existing systems cannot provide and that the people find redress in the Traditional healers.

A married woman in a peaceful discussion about the importance of Traditional healers said that they provide the women folk with portions that help them to stay in harmony with their lovers or husbands and their relatives who seem to be in opposition of their relationship.” Women are weak and frail yet they want men for protection and care,but at times men violate their rights by beating them and denying them the basics of life” She says that courts of law take long to provide justice to them and the police side with the offenders to delay or sometime destroy the evidence.She affirms that the only cheap and available alternative is the skills of Traditional healers.A trader in the outskirts of Jinja town added that he uses portions fetched from a traditional healers to call and keep buyers.” Traditional healers are a friend in need” he concluded.

However, people in Uganda has found Traditional healers at the fore front of committing dangerous offenses like rape and child sacrifices-Child sacrifice is the ritual killing,mutilation,or removal of the body parts of a child for witchcraft,ritual practices or sale,Sarah Kanyonga the Uganda country manager of a Non Government Organization,LIVELY MINDS,explained when she talked to me about the vice.She said that the terrible crime has been on the increase in Uganda and the people point an accusing fingers on the Traditional healers,the allegation they always deny.” It is forbidden to appease our spirits with human blood and such un holy sacrifices are not accepted by our gods” Muhamood Batambuzze,a prominent traditional doctor who resides in Nyenga Sub county,Buikwe district, pronounced innocence over the accusations. ” I suspect there are a group of people that has outwitted the police and the government who kill people and take us traditional healers as scapegoats” he concluded.

Another prominent person in the politics of Uganda said that some known individuals in the World manufacture weapons of mass destruction which are used at bay to continuously kill people and they are left Scot free,just for the sake of National security ” but when few individuals are killed by possibly traditional healers to appease the spirits,people rise the alarm that life is being trampled upon.I do not understand the hypocrisy that move in the blood streams of those people in leadership”

Traditional healers seem to be a necessary evil that people cannot do without because they need their services in the absence of enough modern doctors and the exorbitant sum of money they need for their services.What do you have to say about this DEAR?


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