During creation of this earth or it’s evolution God was kind that He blessed our land with natural endowment that has helped the people to develop whenever used well,but on the other hand made havoc if handled irresponsibly.Nature have provided the people in different areas with physical features including landscape, soils, climate and the presence of valuable materials and highlands which decide to the large extent where man will settle,what food can be gathered or grown,where livestock can be grazed and where industrial development can take place and the prevailing winds brewing off the rivers,lakes and the oceans.

In the same breadth Mbabirire village,Kabizzi parish in Nyenga sub county Buikwe district have it’s share out of the generous hands of God’s creations.Mbabirire village is famous for its Highlands including a Rock that has marveled both residents and visitors and brought wealth in terms of money and attraction.The name of the rock is MAYINDO


Are you coming out of Kampala and you have loved to visit Mbabirire? then get off the vehicle at Bulumagi village as you head to Jinja town.A motorcycle commonly known as a Boda Boda will take you to Mbabirire trading center at shillings 2000 only.For those of you coming out of Jinja,branch off Jinja-Kampala road at Nile beer factory and follow Nyenga Buikwe-Kiyindi road.You may board a Taxi to Kiyindi trading center from Jinja taxi park or Kampala taxi park.When you alive in Mbabirire village where the famous Mayindo rock is located you may wonder why such a village and it’s residents are engulfed in abject poverty.Roads are poor with a lot of pot halls and drunkard men and women. The village grow maize,beans,sorghum,banana,vanilla and coffee.Most men in this village get their daily incomes out of the sale of fish,sand and granites and many rear animals like cows,pigs and sheep but on a small scale.
After a bumpy and a tiresome journey. I alive at Zinnunula Kyayikyakulujja Wilson Gitta’s home in Mbabirire trading center.I was earlier on told by shopkeepers I found in Nyenga trading center that Zinnunula Wilson Kyayikyaakulujja Gitta is a chosen custodian of Mayindo rock and a traditional doctor who has super natural powers and wealth.I was told too that Gitta serves Buganda kingdom in the capacity of a parish leader and National Resistance Movement Government as a parish party chairperson.I was eager to find and talk to a man who has according to village standards worked him self out of poverty in a village full of treasure but with a poor populace.I wanted to see a man religious leaders in the sub county call a Witch but I was worried and doubtful whether I would find him at his home because I had not made an appointment with him.I only played that my God and his gods keeps him stack at his home as I arrived.
God answered my prayers Wilson Kyayikyakulujja Gitta Zinnunula was at his homer reading a book authored by president Museveni -The Mastered Seed,as he waited on his wife to put morning food at his table.After introductions Gitta told me that he rarely moved out of his home on Sundays,adding that he was very happy to get known to somebody he had earlier on longed to see.
Back to business, Zinnunuula Kyayikyakulujja Gitta Wilson told me that Mbabirire the village I had gone to receives enough rain and its famous for it’s density population.This means a large number of people to each square kilometer of land.By far the largest group of people are Baganda who provide about 60 percent of the total population.As time goes on it is predicted that the Baganda share of the total population will increase still further.” Mbabirire village has a variety of people including Alur,Nubians,Ateso and Bantu” Zinnunuula Gitta said.
I asked him about the Rock Mayindo and he gave me this story ” I and my ancestor found Mayindo well placed where it is today surrounded with other two twin similar rocks pointing in the air a few meters from where Mayindo is.These two separate rocks are known by the villagers as her children” He told me that Mayindo is a female rock.” yes! it menstruates and has the features of a woman” Gitta affirmed, his point when I asked him why.” whenever Mayindo has to move to the nearby lake Victoria she uses another rock made in form of a boat which is on the Eastern side of Mayindo.
“Mayindo is blessing and an asset to this village.It answers every problem brought before it- let it be finance,barrenness,education,hunger,name it Mayindo provides the solutions” Gitta said. He went on to say that people from within Nyenga sub county,the surrounding areas and far away flock to Mbabirire to beg Mayindo for blessings.” Many come from Buddu, Ssingo, Buwekula,Kyaddondo and from the lands of the Kyabazinga in Busoga,Mumbere in Kasese and Ikumbanya in Bukedi and others as far as Nairobi in Kenya and Mwanza in Tanzania.A team of people from Texas in America surprised me when it come to tour Mayindo and make some studies about our famous Rock and the role it plays in our society.Apart from the traditional role people attach to this rock Mayindo is a tourist attraction” He said.He told the World that many people who visit Mayindo and they are answered in whatever form and currency came back for Thanks giving ceremony ” when they come back they bring with them many gifts including food,animals and money.We organize parties,eat and drink and celebrate through out the day and night for the job well done.The whole village has to leave every thing it does and come for marry making and jubilation” He said.
One boy of about 9 years conferred to the World that whenever such Thanks giving parties are organized none of them goes to school.Zinnunuula said that the powers of Mayindo are not easy to explain but are simply supernatural or beyond the understanding of a human being ” Look here I begged Mayindo for one car SHE gave m three.I wanted a good house and a beautiful wife she answered me with a wife who bore me 9 children,four are at the Universities.I am indeed blessed by Mayindo”
The area where Mayindo is hold with much honor and reputation.One is not allowed to move on it while in shoes and it is a no steal zone.Money is placed underneath and it stays there for days until Zinnunuula Gitta picks it from there.The marvels of Mayindo do not cease.One time a Woman picked some money from Mayindo and stealthy wanted to go home but lost her way until dawn. It is said she returned the money where she got it from and actually found her way home
In spite of the abundance favors and blessings of Rock Mayindo the people of Mbabirire languish in poverty.One wonders why people come from far for blessings and express happiness after their wishes are answered with gifts and parties and those who stay in the village foot and go without enough food.Many children in this village stay half naked and sent out of school many times for fees contributions.Zinnunuula Kyayikyakulujja Wilson Gitta has all the answers:”A prophet is despised in his area of birth” He concluded.


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