Funding traditional institutions or not has become a political and social dilemma in Uganda.

Uganda is once again at the crossroads.this time holding it’s hands under its cheek, visualizing which decision to make under a situation of whether cultural institution’s economic activities be financially facilitated or not by the Central Government funds.The situation was brought before the National parliament and the members were required to sanction the funding for these traditional institutions.This is not the first time for such a situation regarding cultural requirements to be put in the sectoral committees of parliament for discussion.It was there before and the central government severally allowed to use the National resources to fund tribal institutions,but this time the request was brought amidst fierce and dangerous duress.
The House is divided and it is on fire this time.Those from the Northern region of Uganda see no concrete reasons for the Central government to continue apportioning what they called meager resources by simply funding a few class of people generally known as Traditional leaders.Members of parliament from that region see the country’s money just put on senseless waste yet the country has health centers to stock with drugs,roads to open and rehabilitate and other social responsibilities to financially cater for in this on going fiscal year.They are totally against this mission.
Peter Omolo,one of the parliamentary member from this region argued that cultural institutions are simply cultural blocks desired by a few people who put them in place who entirely has to cater for them but not the funds of the national treasury.He said ” these cultural institutions are for those who need them who should go an extra mile to fund these cultural institutions, I think government for political expedience should not trouble itself by dishing out money to those tribal institutions.You give 70bn shillings to such small cultural institutions like the Kabaka or King in some areas and yet there is no drugs in hospitals where their subjects go for treatment!Uganda must have ranked priorities” Paul Omolo.
Members of Parliament from the Central region however have a different view. They look at the cultural institutions as a very big unifying force that has kept the people where they are united and loyal to both the cultural leaders and political administrators and that the money they need as funding is constitutional provided for and it should be given them as it has been before.Ssebuliba Muddwawulira Mutumba a member of parliament from this region accused the Central government of robbery and plunder of tribal resource from which cultural institutions used to raise money in the 50s before they were destroyed and their property nationalized ” cultural institution activities mobilize people into social issues and development and on the other hand the national government contributed in destroying it’s capital resource,so it has to finance it’s economic activities” Ssebuliba.
Uganda has several cultural institutions including Buganda,Busoga,Toro,Bunyolo etc and it spends 5 million shillings per tribal head per month.The Debate continues……..The parliament has to drive Uganda out of this dangerous dilemma and stop the outbreak of intellectual conflicts.


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