Health services better delivered by Community Health workers.

Rebeca Namuli, a practicing Nurse/Midwife who works with Njeru Town Council, in the District of Buikwe,in Uganda( in the Department of Health) has admitted that the Department she works for and the District as a whole has inadequate health officers to provide timely Health services to the people in both the distant rural and circulated urban areas ” we cannot lose sight of our roles as trained medical workers but we are made inadequate in the services we are meant to provide due to medical workers / patient ratio” Rebeca Namuli.

Such scenarios exist mostly in the outskirts of towns and far deep in the villages where dwellers often die from simple but easily treatable diseases like Malaria, those who can afford self medication add salt to the wound by giving themselves drugs they buy from the roadsideĀ  shops. However,Rebeca suggests that the possible and practicable alternative would be the use of Community Health workers .


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