It is no longer a mystery but a fact that girls under the age of nineteen in Uganda get pregnant.

You may sarcastically ask whether such scenario is new to the people of Africa!

Do you?

It is not new in this continent but the affect of teenage pregnancy impacts large on the lives of the adolescent,education,health,gender,economic benefits and environment than it did in the years before Africa was colonized that worries every body with a sound mind.

Among the African nations where teenage pregnancy trail is noticed, Uganda share a wide margin.It is therefore threatened.

White Ribbon Alliance – Uganda is in its final stage to embark on the campaign, majorly to end underage pregnancy.

A well thought decision,indeed.

How difficult will the job be in terms of  personnel,material and funds?

That is a big question I always ask my self too!

The campaign project though self inspired requires Local and Foreign funds to finance it, of which White Ribbon Alliance-Uganda may not sufficiently have in its coffers.White Ribbon Alliance-Uganda is not alone in the struggle to advocate against underage pregnancy but only provides the lead.

You are part of this problem following your citizenship and the love you have towards the girl folk,so you should be part of the solution.You should invest along side the Ugandan ministries of Health,Education,gender and Finance in ending this vice.

5 reasons why you should invest in this campaign for a matter of fact have been identified to include causes of teenage pregnancy and the symptoms people see on a daily basis but do nothing about it.

These are the ones among the many aligned reasons we should concentrate on as we indulge the ministries mentioned above and you to take the campaign as its own child.


Our mind is not set when it comes to the issues pertaining to teenage pregnancy.

Girls, especially the teenagers are prey to the greed of boys and opulent men in Uganda.The community do not care even when the incidence and the affect is thrown in its face or it is next door.It instead support criminals and safe guard the boys as they hide the men who are responsible for the pregnancies!

Many people retrospectively say that teenage pregnancy is driven by poverty.But poverty is simply a symptom not a cause of the vice.How many girls in poor families have fallen prey to this horrible vice? Not so large a figure to strike your ears. Not so many indeed.

Having less money than what you sufficiently desire to keep you in the world system of buy and sell is what we see, but it is not strong enough to give a license to the teenagers to indulge in premature sex.

We have a corrupted mind.

We do not see this vice in its true perspective but instead take it for granted and condone it as well whenever money is given to the parents or guardians of the affected teenager to close their mouths.Parents or guardians are not strong enough to refuse the bribe.

Our unset mind is the cause of pregnancy in teenagers.

It is the one we use to entice girls into premature,forceful sex and prevail over the law when we are brought to book.It is all about the mind set people put up with that they have learn’t to accept as normal whatever circumstances that befall their daughters including a wasted life of the girl child.

It is seen as normal for the girls under the age 20 to be defiled and made pregnant without complaints even when those responsible do not take financial responsibility for the resulting child and the health of the pregnant girl.Girls do not at all expect sympathy and to be empowered to prevent pregnancy even if incest is in play.It just happen to them -just like that.

Ending poverty in all its forms is good but it is not the driving force that put underage pregnancy on the cliff.It is the mind that need to be set in the way that boys and men would understand that girls are not women.

In the way that the communities should protect the teenagers against all forms of early sex.On the other hand empower adolescents to go to the pharmacy and ask for a condom.There is no possible justification for the boys and men to sexually abuse teenage girls.

The mind can be changed through the example of leaders who care.Through organizations like White Ribbon Alliance-Uganda that have women at heart.Through the right massages from political leaders.Through improving standards of education until the prevailing attitude of the communities about girls and women is triumphed 3 upon.


We have a conscious and subconscious mind as contemporary human beings.Each serve a special but different purpose.
How alert are we mentally,when it comes to issues of engaging adolescent in early sex and the resultant consequences? How prepared are we to handle the vice?

To say the least our mental capacity to judge between good and bad in this regard is inadequate.Men-whenever they see an opposite sex with a resemblesness of boobs on their chest presume that they are ready for sexual intercourse no matter whether they are underage or not.

It is a hidden cause of teenage pregnancy in Low Developing countries where most of the mental capacity is degenerating.Lack of skills to fight the crime is what we see with our eyes yet it is simply a symptom not a cause.It sounds related to to the first reason but it is not similar in anyway.

We are mentally tired and relegated to the point of no reason as regards to violation of a female child to begin sex at least at the age of 20.

Who is to blame for most of the African community to have a mental decadence?

Should we blame the culture?

Should we blame modernity?

What should we blame?

Your answer is just as good as mine.


Africa was an open and free land with no limitation to the people who occupied it before Europe tampered with it except the different languages the Whites called dialects Africa used to speak.They were free to move anywhere they wanted their culture and languages not withstanding.As they moved from one place to another in a nomadic but well calculated style they learnt a lot from the new communities they found on the way, respected and upheld girls in sanctity.Women got married at an acceptable age and it was a crime against society for a boy or a man to pregnant a girl while she was still in the hands of her parents.It was a big shame that resulted into excommunication of the culprits from their clans until meaningful redress and apology was made.

There were a time when parents from both families (in laws) had to meet and find modalities in a manner that allows their children (a boy and girl) to get an official permission to play sex.Artificial borders created by the colonial masters robbed an African parent off the power to be on the move.It entangled every one in a place and left those with extra money arms free to go beyond the borders in form of tourists.

Borders came with stringent rules that provided a prison to the lowly within their band they call countries.

Staying in one area for most of their lives come with nothing substantial but boredom.It come with sadism,prostitution and incest in regard to the discussion in question.The trend of children leaving their parent’s homes in the morning destined for schools become a routine they would do without but of many times exposes to the angry eyes of the teachers who end up of being part of those who pregnant them.

Many people call this stressful although it has an outstanding advantages compared to disadvantages that abound.

Artificial borders the way I see is a major cause of underage pregnancy and trans generational sex.It is the way to fight boredom with boys and men above their age who think about nothing but sex intercourse to whoever woman who comes across them.

Is there anything to learn in this debate or must we wait for our relations or those in political positions to tell the world the artificial borders changed the way people looked at teenagers and the role women play in society.Artificial borders have nothing substantial to offer to an African.


We notice a large concentration and the poor use of humanity and climate degradation simply because a large number of lowly citizens are locked in a place called a country.


Africa is generally inadequate in technology and finance although it has natural resources to depend on.In this respect it cannot aptly survive without Aid out side the continent.It cannot stand alone.It has to always stretch her hands to Euro nations to receive funds in order to finance her projects.

All the projects financed in Africa has an invisible hand of the Aid giving nations.Nations that give Aid to Africa has a strong bargain in whatever Africa do.In relation to early pregnancy the people in African villages find no shock.They normally console themselves by saying “the donors will help us”That is the way the lowly people in African communities take teenage pregnancy without looking at its consequences.

It is a paradox on its own but it caries within it an element of truth.Hence it must be precisely tackled.Colonial Aid is a cause underage pregnancy is a symptom.

It tells us how serious the vice is and it leaves the cause yearning.One woman whose child delivered at the age of 16 who was leaving Jinja hospital after a successful delivery said to me “Abeeru batuyamba nebatuddabiririza ekifo awazalirwa muddwaliro lino” literally saying that the donors (Whites) helped us and rehabilitated for us a maternity ward in Jinja hospital.She looked at the success of White Ribbon Alliance-Uganda during her campaign of ACT NOW -where decision makers were called upon to improve the delivery facilities in Health Center 111s in the country.

But that is a symptom.

The symptom here is not only dependence on foreign Aid but also an expression of how satisfied with the situation we are living in.Victims of teenage pregnancy do not bother whether they stay out of school so long as someone comes out to help them. They prefer those in a white body whom they trust the more to come to their rescue.

Girls ought to be told that even though Aid is indispensable in Low Developing Countries it does not give them a leeway to mess with boys and Men in form of unprotected sex that may lead to unwanted pregnancy.Girls should be told through this campaign that not so many African countries has essential services when it comes to sexual and reproductive health.Contraceptive knowledge for example is lacking in teenage girls.Teenage girls fear to go for antenatal check up at an early of pregnancy.Medical complication to teenage girls loom large.Not so many girls who have aquired HIV/AIDS get drugs.

Is International Aid as regard to teenage pregnancy a cause or a symptom?

Does it have a noticeable influence on underage pregnancy or not?

What is your take on this?

new victory 1


It is not loudly brought in the public that people in most households go with out food yet food is the hub of good health because it has all the ingredients that keep the body strong.

Households in Africa including Uganda where girls are begotten such for what to put in stomach and generally live in poor health whenever they are defeated.Teenage girl have no alternative except to accept all the approaches bestowed on them by boys or men who have the money.

poor health include the absence of proper nutrition time table,the ability to treat diseases,the ability to fight pollution and the ability to govern the environment at their advantage.We would like to foster good health and promote personal well being.

Poor health magnetize adolescents towards boys and men who make them pregnant.Poor health is cause that White Ribbon Alliance-Uganda has to deal with in the campaign.The affect is big on the girls in focus that those who have ought to through a hand towards the commencement and sustainability of this End teenage pregnancy campaign.


When a woman lose life in a health center while giving birth they would say ACCIDENT.

When a teenage girl get pregnant they would say ACCIDENT.

When a teenage girl molested by men they would say ACCIDENT.

All those accusations and others that women encounter can only be alleviated with enough knowledge and empowerment of women that can only be done by an investing in this sector.Invest in fighting against teenage pregnancy is the only solution to depend on.